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Everything about us in a nutshell

Digital Marketing School (DMS) is a Co-venture of Digital Marketing Consulting (DMC), a global Digital marketing company
set up and functional since 2008. In India we are based in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. DMS is the only
training set up managed and executed by a consulting company with 7+ years Industry experience.

Experienced professionals in their respective fields will only teach every aspect of Digital marketing at Digital Marketing School.Here’s more about the team at DMS, CT Shankar (11+ years in Digital Marketing, M Kalyan Chakravarthy (7+ years Experience in Social media & Email Marketing), Raghu Chaitanya (5+ Years Experience in SEO & Paid Advertising. Gaurav Borah (5+ years experience in Affiliate Marketing & Product Launches)
Why Us?
  •    More than 7+ years Digital Marketing consulting service experience
  •    Consulted more than 800 businesses worldwide
  •    Courseware designed by professionals
  •    Lectures delivered by entrepreneurs
  •    Theory and practical exposure
  •    Mentorship support for personal projects
  •    Realtime experience for the qualified


Tested, Trusted and Proven methodology


Expert Training with practical examples and case studies by the founders themselves.


1 hour guided practice before the session along with Q&A to clarify previous session topics.


15 minute daily assignment to improve the grip on subject and research capabilities.


Everything that you ever require for effective learning.

  • E-Material
  • 24/7 Support
  • Certification
  • Placement

Dedicated member’s area for all students is provided at DMS. Classroom slide deck along with other resourceful materials are made available in the library section of the members area for reference and practice. This members area will be accessible for the next 6 months even after the completion of the program and updated regularly with the latest advancements in the digital world.

24/7 Support

Every student at DMS is connected via facebook (closed group) exclusively for students. This is a student only members area that allows your to ask questions and get them clarified immediately, one of our expert faculty will revert back to questions within few minutes based on the availability. There will also be a mentorship slot 1 hour before every session to attend previous session doubts if any.


Students passed out from DMS will receive a physical copy of completion certificate, this certificate could be used while placement and interviews. All the certificates will the personally signed by the Co-Founders of Digital Marketing School and Consulting along with a citation of your participation during the program and how well the subject was received by the participant. This citation helps every recruiter in understanding the knowledge levels and expectations that they can expect from the candidate.


Digital Marketing School is collaborated with Ideao – a swiss based institute that fosters Entrepreneurial eco-system, DMC together with Ideao will help you in taking your ideas to the next level and execute them right from business planning until getting it funded at Switzerland. Students that are willing try digital marketing can opt for an internship at start-ups by enrolling with our Internship partner Yo Grad! and career seekers can register with us for placement assistance. We update our students with the available jobs in the digital world.


Exactly what you need to scale up in the Digital World.



Markup your career with digital marketing


  •    More visitors to website
  •    Improve conversions & sales
  •    Better ways to advertise
  •    Learn how to plan strategically
  •    New opportunities for expansion

Working Professionals

  •    Invite more opportunities
  •    Make a digital shift in career
  •    Start your business online
  •    Alternative revenue channel
  •    Freelance from home


  •    Prepare for the future
  •    Stand our from your group
  •    Make money via internship
  •    Start your own business
  •    Future is Digital, get your job

An MBA from University of wales, UK with over 7+ years of experience in Digital world. Co founded interested and active startups like Mealoncall, Brickandmotor, and Digitalmarketingconsulting.

CT Shankar is a Digital marketing consultant, Speaker, Trainer & an Entrepreneur. His passion is around Online Marketing and Social Media innovation, he has spent countless hours in the past 11 years testing the waters of Online marketing and consulted hundreds of Startups and small businesses worldwide. He loves to spend a lot of his time researching for new tools and techniques to leverage the internet platform for his clients'. Since 2004 he has been a part of success for more than 700+ Startups and Small Businesses world wide, engaging with them in everything right from idea inception to Lead Generation.

He operates a successful digital marketing consulting company since 2008 in two cities in India and employing 40+ team size.


We have answered the most commonly asked questions for you here.

  • Do you guarantee placements and what are your tied up companies?
  • Is it Google certified?
  • Do you have any accreditation? (as others do have accreditation from IMA, Google ad words..etc)
  • How much are we paid if placed?
  • Which companies have openings?
  • Who are the faculty?
  • Do you have morning batches?
  • Do you have lab facility?
  • What if we miss the classes? What if we cannot understand in one go?
  • Is there any technical knowledge or any particular degree required?

Yes, we do provide placement assistance but we do not guarantee jobs.We do help you to craft your CV and provide all the because it depends on your ability too. At present we don’t have any companies tied up but if any good companies come to us for students we refer you from our end

Not this program is not Google certification, Digital Marketing is an umbrella term and Google is only a part of it. Institutes that train on Google certification only gets you ready to Google and its products. How about Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Referral marketing, email marketing? We cover all of them here.

We are a consulting company that also gear up aspirants in digital marketing learning. Since we are not a training center with professors we aren’t yet into any accreditations. Training at Digital marketing school is imparted by professional digital marketing consultants.

Freshers are paid around 2 – 2.5 L/ Annum. Digital marketing professionals with 3+ years experience can earn 5L+/ Annum. You can also be your own boss by setting up your own online start up. We train and mentor you in this regard.

Every dot com needs a Digital marketing professional to run their marketing apart from it there are opportunities in numerous Digital marketing agencies that handle digital marketing projects for clients’ world wide.

As mentioned earlier that this program is toughed by professionals and not professors, the founders of the company DigitalMarketingConsulting.in them selves take up most of the sessions except for a few guest guest sessions.

No we don’t have morning batches as we are not a typical teaching institute.We are a consulting company and the founders will be available to take the session only after office hours.

We don’t have a physical lab but students are encouraged to come an hour early to practice. Study place seating with internet will be provided along with guidance.

You can join for the same session in the upcoming batch when you miss it or if you are looking for a recap.

No technical knowledge required. Basic degree with good communication skill would be sufficient with internet knowledge and passion to pursue a career in the digital world.


So Affordable. Costs less than a new smart phone

Morning batch - Hyderabad Only
Course Duration
50 Days (Theory+Internship)
Course / Internship Timings
MON - FRI (7:30AM - 9AM)
Course Fee (with internship)
Rs. 25,000
Course Fee (without internship)
Rs. 21,000
Evening Batch - Hyderabad Only
Course Duration
50 Days (Theory+Internship)
Course Timings
MON - FRI (6:30PM - 8PM)
Internship Timings
MON - FRI (7:30AM - 9AM)
Course Fee (with internship)
Rs. 25,000
Course Fee (without internship)
Rs. 21,000
Vikram kulkarni - Software Employee

Vikram kulkarni

It was a great opportunity to learn Digital Marketing from business professionals who has a practical touch. Learnt all digital marketing strategies in few weeks.

Vineetha - Women Entrepreneur


Gained valuable knowledge. Thank you Shankar for your deep insights, kalyan for your patience and Raghu for detailed explanation.

Rambabu Leela - Entrepreneur

Rambabu Leela

Me, as an entrepreneur felt this as an essential course because it helped me to build my business very fast.

Kiran Reddy - Marketing Professional

Kiran Reddy

EPDM course provides lot of insights in digital and social media marketing. This really helped me in getting better employability.

Ankit Sethi - Entrepreneur

Ankit Sethi

An innovative institute for learning Digital Marketing . Gained lot of information and thanks for you 24/7 support.

Swetha Thalluri - Women Entrepreneur


Its a very good course and all the trainers were very co-operative through out the course. I would recommend DMS,its a right place for learning

Vikasini -


Dms is best place where you get detailed explanation about every topic mentioned. DMS-internship gives you best exposure to implement all the stuff you learnt.

Rajeshwar Reddy -


I was illiterate about digital and social media till I reach Dms. Now my profile in Twitter and linked in exhibits that I am a part of digital world. I proudly attribute this digital knowledge to DMS.

Abhilash Reddy -

Abhilash Reddy

Great journey learning lot of new things as the time fly...!! It was great meeting and interacting with Kalyan and Shankar, who are quite passionate and very energetic.

Murali -


Digital marketing was a mystery to me until I walked into dms.The sessions were to the point and practical demonstration make subject understanding easy.

Srikanth Soni -

Srikanth Soni

I found this institute very impressive, skilled trainers, extensive course outline that covers all areas of digital marketing.


So Affordable. Costs less than a new smart phone

  • Training mode: Online Class Room