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Surendranath - CEO
3Ding -


Primarily, we wanted to remain on the top of google searches for anything related to our industry and DMC did it! The results have been fantastic. The best parts I've loved are the fortnightly reports. They helps us analyze what work they've done and where we stand among competition. It has helped us create more business strategies on various verticals. We came to know about DMC through friends. We wanted to give it a shot just to try and it was totally worth it. Perfect value for money

M. Dayanand - CEO & Group Account Director
EXL-Public Relations -

M. Dayanand

“ Over the years, we worked on some of our client’s digital marketing campaigns with Shankar and his team at DMC. They are strategic in thought, detailed in execution and prompt in reporting. Overall we have had a smooth working relationship with DMC and look forward to engaging them for additional client digital marketing campaigns, going forward”.

Surya - Founder
BackStagePass Gaming Institute -

P Surya

We had worked with different online marketing consultants and were looking for someone who can do an effective digital marketing campaigns for Backstage Pass. We didn’t knew much about DMC when we started working. It was just like any other online marketing consultants. DMC has a unique approach when compared to other online marketing consultants i worked with. Their approach has been very effective with Backstage Pass. I can see a great improvement in the quality of leads and the conversion rate has gone up tremendously.I would definitely recommend DMC for someone who are keen on growing their business.DMC has just been amazing. And most importantly they are very cost effective

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More and more Businesses each day are realising that need to go Digital and grow Social. You are not the only one alone if you haven’t started it yet. Many companies continue to struggle with the success and increasing dominance of Digital & Social media and are now realising that this is not a passing fad but actually something they need to integrate into their marketing mix.

There are some companies that do not know how to begin, and others who may have been using social media for some time in various forms, who still do not know how to define its success for them. Allow us to help you go Digital & grow Social with us. We have listed some of our Digital Marketing services for you to get started.



Our First step to Digital Marketing is to analyse your Product, then Market & finally competition,


Our analysis helps us in creating a custom strategy to accomplish your objective.


Strategy recommended by DMC is completely turn key & is executed by qualified team only.


We closely monitor every activity and progress. We ensure that the promise is delivered.