Digital PR

In a world where 571 new websites are created every minute, 1.8 million likes are clicked on facebook, 278,000 tweets posted and 204 emails sent per day, how do you expect your voice to be heard? With so much information sharing happening on the online platform how do you suppose people will identity with your business and brand? How will they know that your brand even exists?

Currently, with over 3 billion global internet users (462 million users in India) the best technique for your brand to reach out and create a buzz is though online media. Digital PR increases your online presence by helping you build a relationship with various journalists, bloggers and writers. When your story gets published on various online media channels it not only increases your brand awareness (nationally and globally), but also gives you a platform to connect with your audience.
Your press release on reputed media channels provides you with high PR backlinks which as a result boosts your website traffic and ranking on search engines. Besides, having top online media channels publishing an influencing story about you gives your brand a positive image. Thus increasing brand trust, loyalty, credibility and higher ROI for your business.

Here are few strong reasons why your business needs Digital PR

Digital PR provides you with quality back links which is extremely important to have if you want to rank high on Search Engines.

Having a press release published about you on reputed online media channels not just provides quality backlink, but also increases your chance to rank on different search engine mediums such as Google News.

Having a press release published, provides your digital marketing team with quality content to work with. Your press release can be broken down into smaller content and published on various social media channels, blogs, forums etc. More the content about your brand online, the better it is for your business!

Establishing relationships with online journalists, bloggers and writers open opportunities for you to publish press releases and articles on frequent basis. You don’t want your followers and fans to forget about you. That is why you need to constantly provide people material to read about you and your brand.

Getting your company’s thought leaders published on various media channels provides your brand with exposure, authority and increases your influence on people.

Digital PR gives you an opportunity to not just get published but also to interact with your target audience. From news channels, blogging to video blogging digital PR can prove to be a huge asset for your business!

Digital Marketing Consulting has the right connections in various industries (journalists, bloggers) to get your voice heard. Our digital PR services will help you cut through all the noise happening online and get your brand right in front where people can see you, hear you and interact with you.

If you want your business to establish as an influencer and to have constant presence online then having a competent ‘Digital PR’ team is imperative. We can proudly say that you won’t get a better team than Digital Marketing Consulting.