Email Marketing

Since many years people have been communicating digitally via emails but not many know that emails are a very powerful driving force for a brand’s digital marketing strategy.  As per statistical data there are 2.5 billion email users worldwide and email is 40 times better at acquiring new customers when compared to social media channels. Email marketing is a growing industry and one reason that it is growing is because it works.

Today, brands need a professional and cost-effective platform to connect with their prospects and existing clients if they want to generate revenue and increase their ROI. That is where email marketing can prove to be beneficial because it can be easily targeted, personalized, automated and measured. Here are primary reasons why you need Email Marketing for your business :

  • Build Credibility and lead generations

    People opt for email subscription when they trust, like and want to hear from your brand. Sending personalized yet informative email is a great way for you to build credibility and share your expertise with your existing clients and prospects. Nurturing relationships through quality content will eventually lead to more conversions.

    Build credibility
  • Generate Traffic to your website

    Email Marketing is a wonderful platform to encourage users to visit your website. An informative and engaging content (blog post, sale, e-guides) with a clear call to action can create interest among the readers which will incite them to click on your website and read more. People who find your content interesting might even share it further, therefore increasing your organic reach and bringing more value to your email campaigns.

    Website Traffic
  • Increase your Conversions with Email Marketing

    Email is the most powerful channel when it comes to conversions. According to statistics personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%. Moreover marketers consistently rank email as the single most effective approach for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.

  • Better Staying Power

    Emails don’t just disappear from your inbox. They stay until you decide what to do with it. Either open it or delete it. On the other hand, social media posts move fast. In fact they move so fast that if your audience doesn’t see your content within a relatively small timeframe it’s more than likely they won’t see it at all. Hence the probability that your email will be noticed by your audience is quite high.

  • Reach out to your audience on any device

    Today, mostly everyone is opening emails on smart phones. With email marketing you can easily tap in to the growing popularity of mobile technology. You can send your email to your audience and be assured that they will receive it no matter where they are.

    Smartphone Email

Digital Marketing Consulting has an experienced team of young, intellectual and creative minds who have proven their expertise in getting clients’ email campaigns to a higher level. At DMC, we are so obsessed with increasing your ROI that we track and analyse the performance of every email that we send. We provide you the benefits of a competently executed email marketing campaign which includes high-quality strategy, creatively designed template, deployment, list management, tracking, testing, analytics and more.

If you want to generate hot leads, increase your conversions and ROI, then having professional email marketing campaigns is a must.
At Digital Marketing Consulting, we can proudly say that you won’t get a better and experienced team than us.

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