Paid Advertising

Poor online exposure, or worse, no exposure can make your business become outdated in no time. You may have great products and services to offer but if your brand is not visible to online population then how will you manage to run your business?

Ranking high on Search Engine is not an easy task. It can take from weeks to months to get your website to rank for your brand’s keywords. However in this competitive marketplace if you want quick brand recognition, a consistent web presence, and a steady flow of new leads and website traffic then investing in Paid Search Advertising is important.

Paid search advertising is a marketing model where we create ads for your product/service and pay a pre-decided fee each time your ad is clicked on. These ads are shown on top of search engine results, relevant websites, and in a variety of ways on different social media platforms.

Paid Advertising


Paid Advertising

Paid Search Advertising has by far been the most preferred choice of businesses when they are looking for immediate promotion of their products and services. Moreover the most beautiful thing about paid advertising is that you get the opportunity to track everything. Also it compliments organic advertising perfectly.


Here are few strong reasons why your business needs to invest in Paid Search Advertising
   Execute advanced marketing techniques like Retargeting

At times we may have people visiting our website but they may not convert. In such cases retargeting proves to be very effective. In retargeting a piece of code provided by Google Adwords, Facebook or even Twitter is added to identify through cookies people that visited your website but did not purchase your product or service. A campaign can then be created to retarget these people and complete the purchase process.

   First Page Exposure in the Top page of search engines

Google search results is the Holy Grail for every marketer. And 90% of people don’t search past the first page. With paid search advertising it’s much easier to obtain rankings because you’re paying for your ad placement. Your keywords and budget dictates how high and how often your listing will be shown.

   Immediate generation of qualified leads

Experienced advertisers can setup paid campaigns for your brand in less than 30 minutes. With their expertise your website or landing page can begin receiving quality leads within the same day. This is good for companies who have negligible visibility online. Moreover you can set the type of audience that you want to show the ad. Hence, the ads will be clicked by relevant people only.

   It is Cost-Effective

Most people don’t prefer paid advertising thinking that it would be hefty on their pockets. But that is not so. In fact it is one of the most cost effective advertising methods with instant results. Why? Because you are not paying for the ads but for the clicks your ad generates. Hence, you pay only for the results.

Paid advertising success code involves the right combination of keywords, ad copy, targeting options, landing page design, tracking technology and reporting methodology.

At Digital Marketing Consulting our experienced paid search management team has successfully cracked the code for various clients to help them generate traffic, conversions, and revenue.

We are well versed with the technology and methodology to help your company discover what combination of keywords, ads, bid levels, targeting options and landing page design will produce the highest ROI for your paid advertising program. Besides our team will manage, test, track and analyze all the components of your campaign to ensure that it is a success.